The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman (Encore!)

Join acclaimed singer-songwriter Dick Lee as he takes you on a musical journey in search of his Singapore identity. The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman returns for an encore two-night only concert, after a sell-out run at the Esplanade.

This intimate solo recital is a revealing and often hilarious odyssey, which includes Singapore's best loved hits like Rasa Sayang, Fried Rice Paradise, and Home, as well as the heartfelt and emotional songs he is known for.

Don't miss this last chance to catch The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman!
Show Details:
Date: 14-15 October, 2011
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: DBS Arts Centre - Home of the SRT
Ticketing: $40*, $68 (*Limited discounts for students, NSF and senior citizens)

Beauty Kings

Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings

Some men do it for the girl.
Some men do it to prove they're men.
Some men do it because they can.

How far will a man go to prove his manhood?

Ten years ago, a sordid sex scandal rocked the glamorous world of male pageants, ending in tragedy.

This year, Adam, (intrepid journalist and epitome of all things Old Spice) infiltrates the Mr.Man competition on a dark quest for answers, but only finds more questions. And truths that will shatter his macho world.

What happens when you throw an average Singapore male into the world of runways and Brazilian waxes, swimwear shoots and.. er, private parking?

Come take a catwalk on the wild side, and discover how, for men as well as women, beauty is only sin deep and vanity is never fair...
Mad Chinaman (Dick Lee's concert)

Join Singapore's most acclaimed singer-songwriter Dick Lee as he takes you on a musical journey in search of his Singapore identity. Based on his bestselling autobiography, The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman, this intimate solo recital is a revealing and often hilarious odyssey, which includes Singapore's best loved hits like Rasa Sayang, Fried Rice Paradise, and Home, as well as the heartfelt and emotional songs he is known for.

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Don't miss this rare chance to catch Dick Lee in concert!
Fried Rice Paradise The Musical

A completely rewritten version of Fried Rice Paradise, the musical, was staged at The Esplanade from August 19th to September 12th 2010. Commissioned by People's Association (PA) to commemorate their 50th anniversary, the musical, based on Dick's 1974 song, focused on themes of neighbourliness and racial harmony, subjects close to the PA’s heart.

A musical version of the song first appeared in 1991, as Dick's second musical after 1988's Beauty World. That production was presented by Theatreworks and ran at the Victoria Theatre. The 1991 story was about a middle-aged Bee Lean of the song ("I've got a friend, her name Bee Lean...") who was deciding which of her hopeless daughters she could pass the reins of her business to.

This year's story, set in 1979, centres on Bee Lean and her father Ah Teng's noodle shop, in an old shophouse on Jalan Calamansi. Singapore is undergoing relentless modernization, and old buildings are being torn down by developers like Rickson Goh and his son Hennessy, who have their eyes on Ah Teng's house. The colourful residents of Jalan Calamansi come together to help Bee Lean save her business, and when she changes her noodle shop to sell fried rice, everything falls down around her.

Produced by Singapore Repertory Theatre's Stage Two division, the show was directed by Steven Dexter, with the collaboration of Musical Director Iskandar Ismail, Choreographer Jeffrey Tan and Set Designer Francis O'Connor, amongst others. The talented cast featured Denise Tan as Bee Lean, Lim Eu Beng (who was in the original production) as Ah Teng, and showbiz stars Rahimah Rahim and Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah in their first musical roles.

Dick was the Creative Director of Singapore's Independence Day event, this year celebrating 45 years of independence. The annual parade, organized by the Singapore Armed Forces, is held on August 9th, and this year was located at the Padang and City Hall.

The celebration consists of a formal military parade, a grand mobile column (featuring the impressive armour of Singapore's military strength) and the show, which was Dick's main responsibility.

Working with around 5,000 performers, the show was an impressive spectacle which featured dazzling props by Sebastian Zheng and beautiful costumes by Yang Derong. The music, by Sydney Tan, showcased Singapore's top talents like Sezairi Sazali, Sylvia Ratonel, Taufik Batisah and Corrine May, who wrote this year's theme song. The highlight of the show was the last scene and finale, which featured Kit Chan reprising her beloved song “Home?(written by Dick in 1998), followed by the nation reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem, and ending with a spectacular display of fireworks.


Dick's 23rd album was released in February 2010 in conjunction with Lee Hwa Jewellery. The album, produced by Sydney Tan, is Dick's first studio album in 10 years, and contains new original songs, as well as a few covers.

The covers include Patti Austin's “This Side of Heaven?and one of Dick's favourite disco hits “Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You?by Teri diSario, and written by Maurice Gibb of the BeeGees.

Two very special songs on the album are “Runaway?which was the song that introduced Dick to Sydney in the early 80s when they performed together for the first time at a Yamaha Music concert; as well as “Chinoiserie? written especially for Dick by his youngest brother Wah, who was inspired by their late-80s partying days at the legendary club Chinoiserie.


A new entertaiment company is born! Dick creates Fantastic to produce comedies, musicals and concerts, with an exciting season in 2011. Look out for a new play written by Dick entitled Beauty Kings, about the unusual phenomenon of male beauty pageants! More on these exciting events later!

Fantastic also doubles as an events boutique agency. With creative flair and strategic methodology, Fantastic will bring your event and entertainment needs to new heights! Visit for more information.


Coming up soon will be Dick's pewter pendant design for Royal Selangor Pewter's 125th anniversary. Several prominent personalities from Singapore and Malaysia have been invited to design limited edition pendants for the special occasion.


Dick has been invited to speak at this series of talks held by his old alumnus St Joseph's Institution, in conjunction with Fullerton Hotel. His talk, on his search for the Singapore identity via music, will be given to alumni from all walks of life, as well as students from universities and art colleges.

Look out for a series of advertorials at the end of 2010 which features Dick and Phillips newest state-of-the-art shaver, an amazing futuristic device which offers a really smooth, clean shave (as confirmed by Dick after his first try!)


Dick's 2004 autobiography will be getting a slight makeover in its 2nd edition to be published by the end of the year. Dick will write a new Preface to accompany the book and provide an update on what's been going on so far.

The book, published by Marshall Cavendish, focuses on Dick's life in entertainment, and what inspired him to create Singapore music. There are funny and sad moments, as well as lots of pictures from his personal photo album.


Once again, Dick's designs have been selected for Singapore's annual Christmas Light-Up, but this time, it's for the Marina Bay area. You can expect a nautical-inspired theme with stars as its main element. The street decorations come alive on November 20th, so look out for them.

After a long interval, Dick makes an appearance on stage in Tokyo as a guest of Sandii Suzuki. Sandii's one-night-only concert will be held at Orchard Hall on November 15th, and Dick will guest along with his old friend, Miya, of The Boom. Dick is really excited about this gig, as he hasn't performed in Japan since his spot in Yuming's Nagoya concert in 2006. He hopes to catch up with all his Japanese fans very soon.

NTUC Income 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Dick Lee was invited to perform at the NTUC Income Day 2010, together with Elemay Fernandez and acapella group - Vocaluptuous.

Mont Blanc John Lennon Edition Launch

For more than 20 years, Montblanc has been actively involved in nurturing, preserving and developing artistic talents through its numerous initiatives across the world. With such a history, Montblanc, also known as the "cultural brand", is proud to honor John Lennon's life, music and dreams. The brand contributes to selected cultural projects supporting music education; and Dick Lee's Sunshine Project is the perfect cause to champion. Dick Lee, the renowned icon in the regional and local music scene started the Dick Lee's Sunshine Project to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and youths.

In celebration of the Montblanc John Lennon Edition launch, Montblanc and Dick Lee are coming together to raise funds through a silent auction for the Dick Lee's Sunshine Project.

The silent auction will see contributions which are interpreted from John Lennon's song "IMAGINE" by 11 personalities - Mr. Dick Lee (in collaboration with Ms. Josefina Dato), Mr. Emmanuel Stroobant, Mr. Gaurav Kripalani, Mr. Howard Shaw, Ms. Jade Kua, Ms. Tan Su Shan, Ms. Tracy Phillips (in collaboration with Mr. Mriz Sidah) and Mr. Wykidd Song (in collaboration with Mr. Wee Khim).

All proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to charities supported by the Dick Lee's Sunshine Project. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued in accordance to IRAS guidelines.

Audi A8 Launch

Dick enters a new collaboration with luxury German car-maker Audi. Besides being part of the launch of the new A8 in Singapore in early December, Dick has been appointed Chairman of the Audi Fashion Festival, an annual event that celebrates fashion in a series of exciting and glamorous shows and parties. Dick is happy to be involved with fashion once again, as he was instrumental in the development of the Singapore fashion scene in the 1980s after his return from his fashion studies in London. With AFF, he hopes to bring a renewed energy to the local fashion industry, and hopes he can apply his strong belief in the union of fashion and music. Look out for a dynamic line-up in 2011 by visiting


1. Life Story
2. Improduction
3. Rebel Rebel
4. What Would You Say?
5. I'm Not The Only One
6. Fried Rice Paradise
7. Midnight Movie
8. Song For Melinda
9. Life Of A Whore
10. Death Of a Whore

I left my singing group harmony because I started writing songs and wanted to sing them as opposed to doing cover versions, and began auditioning at talent contests by performing my songs.

One of the contests I auditioned for was Ready Steady Folk, organized by Rediffusion Singapore, and the person who auditioned me was the legendary Vernon Cornelius, who used to front 60s guitar band, The Quests. He heard me, liked my stuff and immediately offered me a guest artist spot, appearing every week during the heats, semi-finals and finals so that I could get more exposure. This led to performing Fried Rice Paradise at the finals where one of the judges offered me a recording deal.

The album was recorded at the newest, most fabulous studio in town, Kinitex Studios and was eventually released by Philips. The title track had a revival in the mid-nineties when it was used for an award-winning television commercial, and Fried Rice Paradise, banned from airplay on government owned radio for unknown reasons, was well-supported by Rediffusion and became a hit. The song is one of my most well-known, and I even turned it into a musical in 1992.

1. Internationaland
2. These Boys

My mentor Jimmy Wee approached me whilst I was back home from my studies in London and asked if I wanted to try recording a few songs. I had been writing quite a bit in London, and played him a few songs. He chose this one and got guitarist Horace Wee to produce it with a massive (to me) orchestra playing behind me. Jacintha sang backing on the B-side track These Boys, our first recorded collaboration.

1. Flower Drum Song
2. Culture
3. Internationaland
4. I Need You Back
5. Old Chinatown
6. Life In The Lion City
7. First Lesson
8. This Town
9. Familiar Faces
10. Home Song

On my return from my studies, my mentor Jimmy Wee of WEA Music asked me to work on a couple of projects. First with Chris Ho on his album Regal Vigor, and then to produce Jacintha's debut album, Silence.

My own album followed soon after, and I decided to infuse my songs with a Singaporean flavour, although I still did not know what that was. The most representative result was Flower Drum Song, in which I used the refrain from the famous Chinese folk song.

I also tried my hand at fusion by using Chinese instruments in that and some other tunes. The best result of this album was that it led to a TV special being made which featured most of the songs. It was produced by Lim Sek who later became my partner when we set up Music & Movement to initially manage my career when I went full-time.

1. Suriram
2. Internationaland
(dance version)

This out-take from Life in the Lion City was released as a 12-inch single which featured a remix of Internationaland as the B-side.

1. Bumboat
2. Unsaid

Bumboat was a play with music, produced by Theatreworks, and commissione for the inaugural Singapore Arts Festival in 1984.

It was my first attempt at a musical (that was staged - I had written several others earlier) and the music basically consisted of an opening number, a love song which accompanied a scene, and some incidental music. It was released and sold at the performance, but received some local interest simply for the fact that it was the first "soundtrack" of sorts.

1. Return To Beauty World
2. Give Her What She Wants
3. Good To Be Back
4. Fireflies
5. Success Stories
6. Strangers To The End
7. The Long Goodbye
8. Soldier, Sailor
9. My Only One

My first collaboration with Sydney Tan musician extraordinaire (who became a doctor later - my doctor, by the way). I decided to work on jazzy songs and disregard the Singaporean element because that point in my previous album did not quite work out. The only exception was the title track which was a nostalgic rumination of my childhood spent wandering around the market of Beauty World near my home.

This was another song that became a musical 3 years later.

1. Will You Still Love Me
2. Beautiful Sunday
3. Diana
4. Call Me
5. You Don't Have to Say
You Love Me
6. The Look Of Love
7. Rose, Rose, I Love You
8. Georgy Girl
9. Blue Suede Shoes
10. All Right Now / Get Back
11. The Songs From Long

This album was sponsored by one of our clients (I was running an events company at that time) and I used the album to tie in with their product launch. It was basically an album of covers like Diana and The Look of Love. I even did an ambitious reinterpretation of Blue Suede Shoes! Jacintha dueted with me on a sexy remake of Beautiful Sunday (purposely chosen because it was quite a bad taste song then) my version of which was covered by Tracy Huang a few years later.

I also did a slow version of the Chinese retro hit Rose Rose I Love You, which I redid in 1996 on my album Singapop. The title track was the only original song on the album.

1. Fried Rice Paradise
2. Flower Drum Song
3. Suriram
4. Life In The Lion City
5. Return To Beauty World
6. Unsaid
7. Everything
8. These Boys
9. Give Her What She Wants
10. Internationaland
(Long Version)
11. A Sad Song

My first compilation which featured a couple of new songs: Everything (which I recorded as the title track of my 2000 album Everything) and A Sad Song, which I am dying to redo one day.

1. The Best For You And Me
2. No Goodbyes
3. All For You
(Duet with Jacintha)
4. Here I Am
5. Can I Believe My Eyes?
6. I Don't Know You
7. Take Your Love Away
8. O.K.
9. I Won't Be There
10. Deeper
(Duet with Chris Ho)

Another album for which I got sponsorship which tied in with the promotion of a cigarette brand. This album had all new songs and featured a moving duet with Chris Ho, Deeper, which became the hit song from the album. One of my favourite songs is No Goodbyes, which I dedicated to my late sister who died in 1984 at the age of 24.

1. Rasa Sayang
2. The Ding Dong Song
3. Mustapha
4. Little White Boat
5. I Am Baba
6. The Windchime Song
7. The Center Of Asia
8. Bengawan Solo
9. Wo Wo Ni Ni
10. Let's All Speak Mandarin
11. The Mad Chinaman

This was supposed to be my last album, because my partners at my event company wanted me to focus on my work.

I said to Jimmy Wee of WEA that I wanted to do an album that was half-Asian inspired and half straight pop, but Jimmy recommended I go all out Singaporean, so I made an album of songs inspired completely by my environment and musical upbringing in Singapore. This resulted in a zany collection of ethnic pop that became a huge hit, achieving platinum sales in Singapore.

1. Follow Your Heart
2. Beautiful Sunday
3. Life In The Lion City
4. Deeper
5. Flower Drum Song
6. O.K.
7. I'm Still In Love With You
8. Fried Rice Paradise
9. Suriram
10. A Song For Now
11. No Goodbyes
12. Lost Words
13. Georgy Girl
14. The Children Of
The World
15. When I Play
16. Wo Wo Ni Ni
17. Mustapha

Released at the end of the year to follow up with the hot sales of the Mad Chinaman, this compilation mostly contained songs from my work with WEA in the 80s.

Some of the new songs like Follow Your Heart and I'm Still in Love With You were actually non-ethnic outtakes from Mad Chinaman.

1. One Song
2. Orchids From Outer Space
3. Cockatoo
4. Chin Chin Choo
5. Lover's Tears
6. Nina Pony
7. Japanese Rhumba
8. Sukiyaki
9. Still Friends
10. Asia Major
11. Life In The Lion City

Produced by Makoto Kubota, this album was the first time I worked with an international producer. 10 years earlier, as a student in London, I came across this album Immigrants by Sandii and the Sunsets, and it was produced by Makoto!

It was a wonderful eye-opening experience working with him and Sandii, and they came to Singapore to record it. As I wanted to have as many duets as possible featuring Asian stars, I was led to Sandy Lam, and we began a long musical relationship which started with my remake of legendary Chinese pop song Chinese Tears.

1. Orientalism
2. Spring Time
3. Alishan
4. Say Lah
5. A Human Touch
6. Bossa Singapore
7. North And South
8. Only Her Dreams
9. Love Me The Way I Am
10. With Everyday
11. Free Yourself
12. Thanksgiving

I have wonderful memories of recording this album in Miami over 3 glorious weeks in the studio where Saturday Night Fever was recorded!

I stayed in a wonderful hotel in Coconut Grove and rented a car to drive to the studio everyday. It was really a dream come true. Another highlight was having these amazing studio musicians come in and play brass and strings on some of the tracks.

The Japanese tour of this album was filmed and released and included singers like Jimmy Ye who later started a solo singing career and a very young Robin Goh, who later became a star of stage musicals (including mine, of course!)

1. The Heart Of The
2. Cha Cham Bo
3. Tinikling
4. Good Spring Evening
5. Banana
6. You Don't Know Me At All
7. The Legend Of Nagraland
8. The Year Of The Monkey
9. Joget Gembira
10. Old Chinatown
11. Modernasia

This album was recorded without much thought and effort in it because I was deeply involved in my musical Nagraland.

I was also at a loss of direction, and was getting rather tired of pursuing the Asian theme. However, another all-time favourite of mine, Modernasia, which features jazz master Jeremy Monteiro on piano, is from this album.

1. Paradise
2. Rhythm Of Love
3. My Book
4. Another Day
5. Love
6. Stars Of The East
7. Christmas Day
8. Children Of The World
9. Christmas Is The Season

A Christmas album with original songs, starred Sandy Lam and my three brothers John, Peter, and Andrew. We used to sing together when we were kids and still do occasionally.

It was a rare moment when we were all in Singapore because I was living in Tokyo and Andrew in New York, so we took this opportunity to write and record a few tracks.

1. Life Story
2. Culture
3. Flower Drum Song
4. Internationaland
5. Unsaid
6. Return To Beauty World
7. Good To Be Back
8. Soldier, Sailor
9. Will You Still Love Me
10. Blue Suede Shoes
11. Fried Rice Paradise
12. Everything
13. A Sad Song
14. The Best For You And Me
15. No Goodbyes

A very special project for me because it contained one CD of tracks from my pre-Mad Chinaman days, all deleted.

The release also coincided with a Japan tour and this concert was rather special in that it was a large-scale, almost theatrical production, with lots of costume changes, guests and a larger band than usual. I re-recorded Life Story for this album with a new a capella arrangement at the start.

The 2 CD set also included a photo book taken by M. Hasui which made me look like a serious Japanese musician. It was flattering in a way because that's how the Japanese perceived me, but it really wasn't me at all.

1. HongKong
2. Nostalgia
3. China Rain
4. Love Themes
5. The River
6. One Man
7. Rhapsody

This was essentially an instrumental album that supported a Japanese musical I wrote for Amon Miyamoto. It was meant to be sort of a mood album (as opposed to original cast album) and had only one vocal track, One Man, to which I added English lyrics.

1. Bei Nan Xi Dong
2. Can Mong
3. You Zhe Ni De Ye
4. Qian Zhi Zhen Ci Zai Xin
5. Zhui
6. Ai Qing Cha Cha Cha
7. Jin Sheng Jin She
8. Yi Ju Hua
9. Da Di
10. Pan Wang De Yuan Fen
11. Zi You

My one and only Cantonese album where every song was learnt phonetically - a rather difficult task I would not like to repeat.

This album came in the wake of my success with Chase, the theme song of a blockbuster movie, She's a Man, He's a Woman, starring Leslie Cheung and Anita Yuen. This song won me my first Hong Kong Film Academy Award for best theme song of the year.
1. For Love
2. A Lover's Holiday
3. I Can't Let You Go
4. When I Think Of You
5. Bunga Sayang
6. Forever
7. Jasmine
8. Once And For All
9. Emotion
10. Antonio

1. Big Island

1. Transit Lounge (Welcome Drink)
2. Say You Love Me (Loving You)
3. Love Is Blue
4. Zoom
5. Prisoner OF Love (Shoo e Doo)
6. Tropicalica
7. Transit Lounge (Stop Over)
8. Announcement
9. Travelator
10. Babby Doll
11. Fly
12. Transit Lounge (Via Rio)
13. Prisoner Of Love (Shoo Be Doo) Disco Baby Heavy Mix
14. Say You Love Me (Loving You) Naked Mix
15. Arrivederci

1. Are You A Lover?
2. Only Love
3. To Say Goodbye
4. Paradise In My Heart
5. You Know Who You Are
6. The Perfect Moment
7. Time For Making Love
8. Stay With Me
9. What Would You Say
10. Together With Me

1. Moongate
2. Celadon
3. Lotus
4. Carp
5. Archipelago
6. Willow
7. Cloud
8. Blossom
9. Incense
10. Pagoda
11. Rice

1. Transit Lounge (Welcome Drink)
2. Say You Love Me (Loving You)
3. Love Is Blue
4. Zoom
5. Prisoner OF Love (Shoo e Doo)
6. Tropicalica
7. Transit Lounge (Stop Over)
8. Announcement
9. Travelator
10. Babby Doll
11. Fly
12. Transit Lounge (Via Rio)
13. Prisoner Of Love (Shoo Be Doo) Disco Baby Heavy Mix
14. Say You Love Me (Loving You) Naked Mix
15. Arrivederci

1. 追
2. 前塵
3. 愛是永恆
4. 親愛的
5. 知己夜話
6. 花之色
7. 男人的感慨
8. 父母天地
9. 今生不再
10. 我們的近況
11. 南北一家親
12. 逝去的传奇
13. 若有所失
14. 安全感
15. 不老的傳說
16. 歌之女
17. 破曉

1.This Side Of Heaven
2.Notes From An Island (featuring Vocaluptuous)
3.Cover Your Eyes
4.Bring On A Smile
5.When Morning Comes Around
8.Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You
9.Make It With You
10.Whatever You Do
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